Specialty eyecare

With our highly-skilled team of expert eye health professionals, we offer a range of eye care and eyewear as well as specialty services for all your eye health needs. Using the latest in lens technology, we can adapt lenses to suit your lifestyle so you don’t have to compromise.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Changes in our eye health and vision occur naturally over time. Booking in regular eye health check ups gives you the best chance of detecting any conditions early on. A comprehensive eye exam is recommended every two years – and each year after the age of 65.

We use the latest in advanced diagnostic technology, enabling us to detect subtle changes and manage eye conditions more effectively.

Eye Medications

Our optometrists are therapeutically endorsed and qualified to use medicated eye drops to conduct diagnostic procedures, as well as prescribe medicines, such as anti-inflammatory and corticosteroid eye drops to treat eye diseases such as conjunctivitis, keratitis, uveitis and glaucoma. We provide effective collaboration with your GP, enhancing patient care and better utilising valuable ophthalmology time.

Childen’s Vision

Offering specialised behavioural optometry, our optometrists can thoroughly assess your child’s vision and eye health as well as their visual skills and how they process visual information. Many visual problems are subtle and may not be picked up by parents, teachers or even school screenings.
However, the impact of undiagnosed poor vision on a child’s development can be significant. We can diagnose any visual problems, and then investigate why those problems are there and what’s causing them, and determine a treatment plan.

Myopia Control

Aimed primarily at school aged children, our myopia (near-sightedness) control service focuses on assessing and effectively managing myopia risks.

We use proven methods of myopia control, backed by meticulous research and data. These include MiyoSmart® spectacle lenses, soft contact lenses such as MiSight® and Ortho-K, as well as Atropine, a compounded eye drop application.

Contact Lens Consultation

If you’re thinking about trying contact lenses, book a consultation with one of our optometrists today. We supply disposable and conventional contact lenses by all the leading brands and we’ll assess your vision to determine whether contacts are a suitable option for you, taking you through the steps of using and caring for your lenses. Direct delivery is also available.

On-site Optical Lab

We can perform a range of quick-fixes on the spot in our onsite lab. With six experienced optical dispensers on hand, we offer a fast turnaround on repairs – handy for emergency situations when you’ve broken your only pair of prescription eyewear. We also undertake edging and fitting of prescription lenses and replacement sunglasses lenses.

Sonya and the team are absolutely fabulous. I get my own glasses for myself and my family there, but I also take some of the people I support from work there. The service and product is second to none. Parking is easy, service is quick and very accessible to those in wheelchairs or who use walkers! Highly recommended and well worth the drive
Kristy Brownlee